There's more to your cat than meets the eye. What appears to be a purring furry meatloaf is really quite a sophisticated set of technologies. This friendly introduction, beginning with easy-to-read three-letter words, will guide you toward greater familiarity with your pet. (Please do not unplug any of your cat's cables or attempt to remove it from its mat before reading this guide fully!)

This is a small hypertext thingy made with Twine for the Twiny Jam. It's not a game as much as a nonlinear text you can explore. A _silly_ nonlinear text.

[Important Update: I just noticed that the rules of the Twiny Game Jam say "300 words OR LESS" ... I thought it was "OR MORE". I even added some extra verbiage this morning before submitting to comply! Oops. So, for my "game" to be valid, it's important that you NOT VISIT ALL THE PAGES. That should keep the word count down. Thanks for understanding.]

StatusIn development
Made withTwine
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